22-46, 11-25 away
38-28, 20-13 home

Scoring Summary

1stJ. Ramírez homered to right (404 feet), A. Rosario scored.02
1stBradley homered to center (402 feet).03
2ndHays homered to left center (421 feet).13
3rdE. Rosario homered to right (423 feet).14
4thFranco homered to left (379 feet).24
4thMancini singled to right, Wynns scored, Mullins to third.34
4thClement doubled to deep left center, Chang scored.35
6thChang singled to center, Lavarnway scored and Naylor scored.37
8thChang homered to left (392 feet), H. Ramírez scored.39
8thJ. Ramírez grounded into fielder's choice to first, Clement scored, Zimmer out at second.310