29-41, 14-22 away
35-35, 20-16 home

Scoring Summary

2ndWong singled to center, Stassi scored.01
3rdWard doubled to deep left, Upton scored.02
5thRengifo homered to right (414 feet).03
5thOhtani homered to right (400 feet), Upton scored.05
5thWalsh homered to right (433 feet), Ward scored.07
6thCabrera doubled to deep right, Schoop scored.17
6thUpton singled to left, Gosselin scored, Lagares to third.18
6thWard doubled to deep center, Lagares scored and Upton scored.110
7thW. Castro singled to center, Baddoo scored, Mazara to second.210
8thOhtani homered to left center (408 feet).211
9thGrossman grounded out to first, H. Castro scored, Mazara to second.311