48-64, 24-34 away
66-46, 35-23 home

Scoring Summary

1stDíaz singled to shallow right, McCormick scored on throwing error by second baseman Polanco, Brantley to second.01
2ndLarnach singled to left, Cave scored.11
4thSanó homered to left (405 feet), Arraez scored.31
4thJones reached on infield single to second, Alvarez scored, Tucker to second, Tucker safe at third on throwing error by first baseman Sanó.32
5thPolanco homered to left (350 feet).42
5thAlvarez singled to right, Maldonado scored, Díaz to second.43
6thPolanco homered to right (388 feet), Kepler scored and Rooker scored.73
7thDíaz doubled to deep right, Meyers scored.74
8thCorrea homered to left (389 feet).75