41-82, 14-46 away
56-66, 42-21 home

Scoring Summary

2ndHampson homered to left center (426 feet), Díaz scored.02
3rdRojas reached on infield single to second, C. Kelly scored and P. Smith scored, Walker to third.22
3rdBlackmon reached on infield single to shortstop, Story scored.23
4thMarte homered to right (402 feet).33
4thJoe singled to right, Díaz scored.34
6thPeralta tripled to center, Ellis scored.44
6thHilliard tripled to shallow right, Hampson scored.45
6thJoe doubled to center, Hilliard scored.46
8thBlackmon hit sacrifice fly to center, Motter scored.47
8thCron doubled to shallow left, Story scored and Rodgers scored.49