89-55, 49-24 away
69-72, 36-36 home

Scoring Summary

1stWong homered to right (409 feet).10
2ndUrías grounded into fielder's choice to left, Peterson scored on throwing error by shortstop Rosario, Urías third.20
2ndPiña singled to right, Urías scored, Vogelbach to second.30
2ndEscobar singled to right, Vogelbach scored, Piña to third.40
3rdGarcía homered to left (411 feet).50
3rdPiña homered to left (407 feet), Vogelbach scored.70
6thEscobar grounded into fielder's choice to third, Piña scored on error, Wong safe at second on fielding error by third baseman J. Ramírez.80
6thStraw singled to shallow center, Lavarnway scored, Mercado to second.81
8thWong homered to right center (396 feet).91
8thGarcía homered to left (464 feet), Yelich scored.111