64-32, 34-18 away
51-45, 24-23 home

Scoring Summary

1stAltuve homered to left (409 feet).10
1stPeña homered to left (381 feet).20
2ndDubón hit a ground rule double to deep left, Díaz scored, McCormick to third.30
2ndMaldonado singled to center, McCormick scored.40
2ndAltuve singled to center, Dubón scored, Maldonado to second.50
3rdMcCormick grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Gurriel scored, Díaz out at second.60
7thHaggerty tripled to deep center, Toro scored and Moore scored.62
7thCrawford doubled to right, Haggerty scored.63
8thMaldonado singled to center, Bregman scored and Díaz scored, McCormick to third.83
8thToro homered to right (379 feet), Lewis scored.85