56-49, 29-26 away
70-35, 41-14 home

Scoring Summary

1stSuárez homered to left (432 feet), Winker scored.20
2ndRaleigh homered to center (416 feet).30
3rdSantana hit sacrifice fly to center, Frazier scored.40
4thDonaldson doubled to left, Rizzo scored.41
4thTrevino homered to left (389 feet), Donaldson scored.43
5thSantana doubled to deep left, Suárez scored and Frazier scored, Santana thrown out at third.63
6thRizzo homered to right center (400 feet).64
6thDonaldson homered to center (415 feet), Carpenter scored.66
7thHaggerty homered to left (380 feet).76
9thFrazier singled to right center, Haggerty scored.86