Scoring Summary


2ndBauers doubled to right, Bader scored.10
2ndHernández grounded out to shortstop, Kelenic scored, Suárez to third.11
3rdJudge homered to left (378 feet), Torres scored.31
4thBauers homered to right (355 feet).41
4thRodríguez homered to left center (410 feet).42
5thCalhoun doubled to right, Judge scored and Torres scored.62
5thKiner-Falefa doubled to left, Allen scored and Calhoun scored.82
5thRodríguez singled to right, Trammell scored and Caballero scored.84
6thJudge homered to left center (378 feet).94
9thHigashioka singled to left, LeMahieu scored, Bauers to second, Allen to third.104
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