NBA Offseason Guide 2022: Orlando Magic and their ongoing rebuild

Mo Bamba is one of the rare players who hits 3s and blocks shots. Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

There is no question that rebuilding in the NBA requires patience and a little luck.

For the Orlando Magic, the patience part will require an understanding that the sustainability of the roster they're building outweighs any shortcut to a return to the playoffs. Orlando's front office has realized that building a competitive roster for the foreseeable future will come via in-house development, the draft, shrewd trades and not excessive spending in free agency.

"We do need to develop these young guys," President of Basketball Operations Jeff Weltman told the media before the season started. "We definitely want to move them forward. We want our team to grow and develop. The sooner the better. That said, we're not going to sacrifice the bright future that's in front of us for a sugar high, which I kind of felt like we had been doing previously."

The luck part occurred during the draft lottery when the Magic secured the top overall pick for the first time since 2004.

As the Magic enter Year Two of their roster transformation, here is a look at all the big decisions that await this offseason, starting with the state of the roster.