Instant Awesome: Devon Gales, who was paralyzed on football field in 2015, now walks again with assistance

Against all odds, former Southern University wide receiver Devon Gales is up on his feet walking again with assistance.

In September 2015, Gales was left paralyzed from the waist down after injuring his neck while blocking on a kickoff return during a game at Georgia.

Two days after the injury occurred, Gales was in surgery. Ever since, he has had one goal -- to walk again.


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Mission accomplished.

Gales was a redshirt sophomore at the time of his injury. He has posted about his progress throughout his recovery, while maintaining a positive attitude. Throughout this journey, the University of Georgia community has been very supportive of him.

According to Sports Illustrated, Gales was honored by the University of Georgia community after being released from the hospital in February 2016. The Bulldogs launched a fundraising campaign aimed at building a handicap-accessible home for him in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In October, Gales also was hosted by Miami (Fla.), where former Georgia coach Mark Richt now coaches, for a game, writes the NCAA.

Included among the Georgia community that has been supportive of Gales is former Bulldogs kicker Marshall Morgan, who was on the other end of the hit. According to Sports Illustrated, the two have grown quite close, with Gales even attending Morgan's wedding in March.

The video of Gales walking is enough to bring a smile to your face if not a tear to your eye. Inspiration at its finest.

Gales is achieving his goal of walking again one step at a time, proving to us all that anything is possible through perseverance and determination.