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Despite baseball plans, Kyler Murray has NFL interested

Here are the questions that the Oakland A's first-round draft pick, on the brink of winning a Heisman Trophy, will have to answer.

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    Championship Drive

    Watch this: Ranking every bowl by entertainment value

    From Arkansas State-Nevada to Alabama-Oklahoma, here's how to get the most game-watching satisfaction.

    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    The best individual matchups of bowl season

    Tua vs. Kyler is obvious, but what other matchups are we looking forward to? Washington's secondary vs. Ohio State's high-flying WRs tops the list.

    Ohio State

    College football

    How will Urban Meyer's legacy be defined?


    Urban Meyer shook up the Big Ten, and it's better for it

    Meyer's relentless recruiting style forced other schools to keep pace, upgrade facilities and hire high-profile coaches.

    Meyer's own intensity did what opponents couldn't: beat him

    For the second time in eight years, Meyer has quit coaching because he said his body could no longer take the stress that he applied to it.

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