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Carmelo Anthony is the last great American ball hog

Gregg Popovich says there's no beauty in basketball anymore. Melo's fall helps make his case.

Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

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Gay stuffs Jackson's dunk attempt

Rudy Gay rises up and rejects Josh Jackson's dunk then finishes with a bucket at the other end.



Bregman gets beer spilled on him at Rockets game

PJ Tucker dives to try and save the ball from going out of bounds and ends up spilling beer on Astros' star Alex Bregman.




Harrell rejects Wright twice on same possession

Montrezl Harrell blocks Delon Wright twice on the same possession early in the second quarter.




Durant: 'We'll probably all get statues here'

Kevin Durant says the current Warriors team will definitely have their jerseys retired and be "Bay Area legends forever."

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Bulls, Boylen need to move on from turmoil together

The Starters: Is Ariza a good fit for Lakers?

About Last Night: Popovich's milestone

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