World Cup Moments - Maradona's 'other' Azteca goal

If Diego Maradona's infamous 'Hand of God' goal against England in the 1986 World Cup was the most outrageous example of cheating in the tournament's history, then his wondergoal moments later was arguably the greatest moment of individual inspiration the competition has ever seen.

For Maradona, neither the genius nor the devil were ever too far away from the surface, and as England reeled after he had duped the officials, the superstar netted the most iconic goal of his career.

The Three Lions were only just starting to pick themselves off the floor, refocusing after the indignation of Maradona's outlandish cheating, and turning their attention back to establishing a foothold on the quarterfinal.

However, no sooner had the game kicked off then their situation deteriorated further as they were able to experience Maradona magic up close.

The forward picked up possession in his own half, accelerated past an opponent and, with a change of direction, darted towards the English goal.

During the run that followed, he appeared to take on the entirety of the Three Lions' side.

In truth, however, he would take on five players - Terry Butcher twice - before rounding goalkeeper Peter Shilton and finishing calmly.

England, demoralised and sapped by heat and injustice, pulled a goal back through Gary Lineker, but were unable to net an equaliser.

The goal was once voted 'Goal of the Century', and he would end the tournament with five strikes during an amazing series of individual performances.

It was a goal that established Maradona as an unstoppable force, and was the standout moment as he dragged a fairly uninspired Argentina side to their second title.

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