Scoring Summary


2ndCordero doubled to left, Vázquez scored.01
4thRenfroe hit sacrifice fly to right, Vázquez scored, Gonzalez to third.02
4thCordero grounded out to first, Gonzalez scored.03
5thBogaerts doubled to deep right center, Bogaerts scored on throwing error by catcher Zunino and Martinez scored on error.05
6thE. Hernández doubled to deep center, Gonzalez scored, Renfroe to third.06
6thVerdugo hit sacrifice fly to left, Renfroe scored.07
8thMargot walked, Tsutsugo scored, Lowe to second, Arozarena to third.17
8thDíaz walked, Arozarena scored, Margot to second, Lowe to third.27
8thVerdugo singled to shallow center, Renfroe scored, Cordero to third.28
8thMartinez homered to right (326 feet), Cordero scored and Verdugo scored.211
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