Scoring Summary


1stBlackmon doubled to left center, Cron scored and McMahon scored.20
1stDickerson grounded out to first, Belt scored, Posey to third.21
4thVosler doubled to right, Crawford scored, Dubón thrown out at home.22
5thBelt homered to right (364 feet).23
6thNuñez grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Cron scored, Blackmon out at second.33
9thHampson homered to center (422 feet).43
9thCrawford homered to right (370 feet).44
10thMcMahon homered to right center (449 feet), Daza scored.64
10thCron homered to right (390 feet).74
10thPosey singled to right, Belt scored.75