Scoring Summary


2ndCasali walked, Dickerson scored, Tauchman to second, Ruf to third.01
2ndLa Stella walked, Ruf scored, Casali to second, Tauchman to third.02
2ndBelt singled to center, Casali scored and Tauchman scored, La Stella to second.04
7thDaza singled to shallow right, Story scored, Blackmon to second, Cron to third.14
7thFuentes grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Cron scored, Daza out at second, Blackmon to third.24
7thTauchman reached on infield single to shortstop, Longoria scored, Crawford to second, Slater to third.25
7thCasali walked, Slater scored, Tauchman to second, Crawford to third.26
7thFlores singled to deep right, Crawford scored, Casali to second, Flores thrown out at second, Tauchman to third.27
9thDíaz doubled to deep left center, Fuentes scored.37