29-39, 14-20 away
30-37, 16-18 home

Scoring Summary

2ndMondesi homered to center (445 feet).01
3rdCandelario doubled to right center, Baddoo scored.11
3rdPerez homered to left (383 feet), C. Santana scored.13
7thW. Castro homered to right (421 feet), Goodrum scored.33
7thGrossman scored on Barlow wild pitch, Baddoo to second on wild pitch by Barlow.43
8thGoodrum scored on Brentz wild pitch, W. Castro to second on wild pitch by Brentz.53
9thMazara singled to right center, Candelario scored, Schoop to third.63
9thMerrifield doubled to left, Alberto scored.64
9thC. Santana singled to center, Merrifield scored.65