41-32, 21-19 away
32-43, 16-23 home

Scoring Summary

1stA. Rosario homered to left (406 feet).10
1stBradley homered to center (432 feet), E. Rosario scored.30
1stDonaldson fouled out to third, Arraez scored.31
3rdArraez tripled to deep left center, Simmons scored.32
3rdDonaldson singled to center, Arraez scored.33
3rdKirilloff homered to left center (409 feet), Donaldson scored.35
4thHedges singled to left, Bradley scored and H. Ramírez scored, Naylor to second.55
5thE. Rosario homered to right (374 feet).65
5thCruz singled to left center, Simmons scored, Donaldson to second.66
6thArraez doubled to deep center, Gordon scored and Simmons scored.68
9thNaylor homered to right center (423 feet).78