Scoring Summary

3rdBaddoo homered to right (352 feet), Reyes scored.02
5thSchoop singled to right, Paredes scored, Baddoo to second.03
5thCabrera doubled to deep left, Baddoo scored, Grossman scored and Schoop scored, Cabrera to third.06
6thBaddoo singled to center, Castro scored and Short scored, Reyes to third.08
6thSchoop singled to center, Reyes scored, Baddoo to second.09
6thCabrera singled to left, Baddoo scored and Schoop scored, Grossman to second.011
6thHaase walked, Grossman scored, Candelario to second, Cabrera to third.012
6thCastro hit sacrifice fly to left, Cabrera scored on error, Candelario safe at third on throwing error by left fielder J. Martin.013
7thCandelario walked, Reyes scored, Grossman to second, Schoop to third.014