58-61, 29-34 away
54-67, 30-33 home

Scoring Summary

1stJ. Ramírez homered to left center (400 feet).10
1stPolanco singled to right, Rooker scored.11
2ndStraw walked, Miller scored, Hedges to second, Chang to third.21
3rdMiller doubled to deep right center, Mercado scored.31
4thRosario doubled to deep right, Straw scored.41
4thSanó homered to center (475 feet).42
5thReyes homered to center (442 feet).52
5thArraez singled to right, Rooker scored, Donaldson to third.53
5thSanó doubled to deep center, Arraez scored and Donaldson scored.55
5thGordon reached on infield single to first, Sanó scored.56
5thSimmons hit a ground rule double to deep left, Gordon scored, Jeffers to third.57
9thJ. Ramírez doubled to center, Straw scored.67
9thZimmer walked, J. Ramírez scored on Colomé wild pitch.77
11thPolanco singled to shallow right, Jeffers scored, Cave to second, Kepler to third.78