Scoring Summary


1stGalvis homered to center (406 feet).10
1stSánchez homered to right (383 feet), Chisholm Jr. scored and Rojas scored.13
2ndVierling tripled to right, McCutchen scored.23
6thVierling doubled to left, McCutchen scored.33
6thRojas singled to right, Chisholm Jr. scored.34
6thAlfaro singled to left, Rojas scored, Sánchez to second, Aguilar to third.35
6thPanik singled to center, Aguilar scored, Alfaro to second, Sánchez to third.36
6thDe La Cruz walked, Sánchez scored, Panik to second, Alfaro to third.37
6thAlfaro scored on Hammer wild pitch, De La Cruz to second on wild pitch by Hammer, Panik to third on wild pitch by Hammer.38
6thRojas singled to center, De La Cruz scored and Panik scored, Chisholm Jr. to second.310