Scoring Summary

3rdCastellanos homered to left (391 feet), McCarthy scored and Perdomo scored.03
3rdMarte homered to right (419 feet).04
3rdPeralta doubled to left, Varsho scored, Peralta to third.05
3rdWalker homered to right (371 feet), Peralta scored.07
6thCron singled to center, Rodgers scored, Blackmon to second.17
6thMcMahon doubled to left, Blackmon scored, Cron to third.27
6thDíaz singled to left, Cron scored, McMahon to third.37
6thHilliard homered to left (393 feet), McMahon scored and Díaz scored.67
9thNuñez homered to right (375 feet).77
9thStory singled to right center, Rodgers scored, Blackmon to third.87
9thCron grounded out to shortstop, Blackmon scored.97