Scoring Summary

1stRamírez singled to left center, Straw scored, Kwan to second.10
1stMiller singled to left center, Kwan scored, Ramírez to third.20
1stMercado homered to left (398 feet), Ramírez scored, Miller scored and Clement scored.60
2ndRosario singled to shallow left, Kwan scored and Straw scored, Ramírez to second.80
2ndMiller doubled to left, Rosario scored and Ramírez scored.100
3rdWitt Jr. doubled to deep left, Lopez scored and Taylor scored.102
4thMiller singled to left, Rosario scored.112
4thMercado tripled to deep right center, Miller scored.122
5thRosario reached on infield single to second, Kwan scored, Ramírez to third.132
7thRamírez homered to right (369 feet), Kwan scored.152
7thClement singled to deep right, Reyes scored, Rosario to third.162
8thReyes reached on infield single to shortstop, Straw scored, Kwan to third.172
9thO'Hearn grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Santana scored, Dozier out at second.173