2-3, 2-3 home

Scoring Summary

1stOzuna singled to center, Albies scored.01
3rdBell singled to right, Soto scored, Cruz to second.11
3rdThomas doubled to deep center, Bell scored and Y. Hernández scored.31
3rdFranco homered to left (396 feet), Thomas scored.51
7thThomas singled to center, Bell scored, Y. Hernández to second.61
8thBell singled to left, C. Hernandez scored, Cruz to second.71
8thRobles hit by pitch, Cruz scored, Ruiz to second, Bell to third.81
8thFranco doubled to deep right, Bell scored, Robles scored and Ruiz scored.111
9thDuvall singled to center, Olson scored, Ozuna to second.112