Scoring Summary


1stDickerson singled to right, O'Neill scored, Arenado to third.01
2ndNido doubled to center, Alonso scored and Escobar scored, Guillorme to third.21
2ndNimmo doubled to center, Guillorme scored and Nido scored.41
3rdArenado singled to right, Edman scored and Goldschmidt scored.43
4thEdman doubled to right, Molina scored, Sosa to third.44
4thSosa scored on Carrasco wild pitch, Arenado to second on wild pitch by Carrasco, Edman to third on wild pitch by Carrasco.45
4thDickerson reached on infield single to pitcher, Edman scored, Arenado to third.46
4thCarlson tripled to right, Arenado scored and Dickerson scored.48
6thArenado hit a ground rule double, O'Neill scored.49
7thLindor doubled to center, Marte scored.59
7thGoldschmidt singled to center, Edman scored.510
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