Scoring Summary


1stLowe doubled to right center, Franco scored.10
1stBethancourt walked, Neuse scored, Piscotty to second, Lowrie to third.11
1stSmith homered to left (381 feet), Lowrie scored, Piscotty scored and Bethancourt scored.15
2ndPhillips homered to center (412 feet), Kiermaier scored.35
9thZunino homered to center (402 feet), Margot scored.55
10thDíaz doubled to deep right, Ramírez scored.65
10thParedes singled to shallow left, Díaz scored and Franco scored.85
10thMargot tripled to deep center, Paredes scored.95
10thZunino singled to center, Margot scored.105
10thNeuse doubled to deep left, Pache scored.106
10thMurphy singled to left center, Neuse scored.107