Scoring Summary


1stContreras homered to right (372 feet).10
1stHosmer singled to right, Profar scored, Machado to second.11
2ndVoit homered to left (373 feet).12
4thWisdom singled to center, Contreras scored.22
4thSchwindel doubled to deep center, Rivas scored and Wisdom scored.42
4thHeyward singled to center, Schwindel scored.52
6thCronenworth reached first base on catcher's interference, Voit to home on error, Cronenworth to first on error by catcher Contreras, Grisham to second on error, Kim to third on error.53
7thHosmer homered to left center (405 feet).54
7thVoit homered to left (376 feet).55
8thRivas singled to center, Contreras scored and Happ scored, Wisdom to second.75
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