Scoring Summary


1stMcCarthy singled to center, Varsho scored and Walker scored, Peralta out at third on runner's fielder's choice.20
2ndWisdom homered to center (423 feet).21
2ndMorel singled to left, Villar scored.22
3rdRojas homered to center (402 feet).32
3rdPeralta homered to center (414 feet).42
4thVillar homered to right (411 feet).43
5thRojas homered to center (428 feet), Perdomo scored.63
5thPeralta homered to center (393 feet).73
6thThomas homered to left (363 feet).83
7thRojas homered to right (409 feet).93
7thMorel homered to center (391 feet).94
7thVargas homered to left (389 feet).95
9thWalker homered to left (387 feet).105
9thHapp hit sacrifice fly to left, Vargas scored.106
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