Scoring Summary


2ndThomas doubled to right, Franco scored.10
3rdCruz singled to right, C. Hernández scored.20
4thThomas doubled to left, Y. Hernández scored, Franco to third.30
4thStrange-Gordon reached on bunt single to catcher, Franco scored, Thomas to third.40
4thC. Hernández reached on bunt single to catcher, Thomas scored, Strange-Gordon to second.50
4thRuiz doubled to left, Strange-Gordon scored, C. Hernández to third.60
4thSoto singled to right center, C. Hernández scored and Ruiz scored.80
5thTaylor homered to center (409 feet).81
5thMcCutchen grounded into fielder's choice to third, Peterson scored, Wong out at second, Brosseau to third.82
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