Scoring Summary


1stRizzo homered to right (384 feet).01
3rdTrevino homered to left center (413 feet).02
4thTorres homered to left (407 feet).03
5thOdor grounded out to second, Mountcastle scored, Urías to third.13
7thHays homered to right (354 feet).23
7thOdor homered to right (353 feet), Rutschman scored and Urías scored.53
7thTorres homered to left (385 feet).54
7thTrevino singled to right, Kiner-Falefa scored, Gonzalez to second.55
11thHays grounded out to third, McKenna scored.65
11thKiner-Falefa singled to center, Torres scored.66
11thTrevino singled to left, Kiner-Falefa scored, Gonzalez to second.67
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