Scoring Summary


1stCalhoun singled to left, Seager scored and Semien scored, Garver to third.02
2ndBruján hit sacrifice fly to center, Walls scored.12
2ndWhite homered to center (417 feet), Smith scored.14
3rdHeim homered to right (390 feet).15
5thFranco singled to center, Kiermaier scored.25
6thSemien reached on infield single to first, Smith scored on fielding error by pitcher Thompson, White to second.26
6thGarver doubled to deep left, Semien scored and White scored.28
6thCalhoun doubled to deep left, Garver scored.29
7thKiermaier singled to left, Paredes scored, Bruján to second.39
7thFranco singled to left, Bruján scored, Kiermaier to second.49
7thArozarena singled to center, Kiermaier scored, Franco to second.59