Scoring Summary


1stContreras homered to left (378 feet).01
3rdTaylor doubled to deep right, Caratini scored, Yelich scored and Urías scored.31
4thSimmons singled to right, Frazier scored.32
4thSimmons scored on pickoff error, Morel to third.33
6thCaratini homered to center (385 feet), Tellez scored and Hiura scored.63
6thHiggins homered to left center (378 feet), Madrigal scored.65
6thContreras doubled to deep left, Morel scored.66
6thSchwindel doubled to left center, Contreras scored.67
7thTellez singled to shallow center, Yelich scored, Taylor to third.77
8thWisdom homered to left (401 feet).78