Scoring Summary


2ndChisholm Jr. singled to right, Berti scored, Williams to third.10
4thChisholm Jr. homered to right (404 feet), De La Cruz scored and Fortes scored.40
4thGarcía singled to right, Soler scored.50
6thCooper doubled to deep right, Williams scored.60
6thSoler doubled to left, Cooper scored.70
6thSánchez singled to center, Soler scored.80
7thCooper singled to center, De La Cruz scored and Fortes scored, Chisholm Jr. to third.100
7thSoler singled to left, Chisholm Jr. scored, Cooper to second.110
7thSánchez reached on infield single to pitcher, Cooper scored on error, Sánchez safe at second on throwing error by pitcher Smith, Soler safe at third on error.120
7thDe La Cruz doubled to left, Soler scored and Sánchez scored, Berti to third.140
9thIglesias singled to right center, Rodgers scored.141