26-27, 12-11 away
22-28, 11-15 home

Scoring Summary

1stHayes scored on passed ball by catcher Varsho.01
2ndWalker homered to left (420 feet).11
2ndThomas hit sacrifice fly to center, P. Smith scored, McCarthy to second.21
2ndHeineman grounded out to pitcher, Suwinski scored, Marcano to second.22
3rdSuwinski singled to shallow right, Chavis scored, Suwinski thrown out at first, Castro to third.23
4thThomas homered to center (432 feet).33
5thMarte homered to right (367 feet), Rojas scored.53
5thPeralta scored on Banda wild pitch, McCarthy to second, P. Smith to third.63
7thMcCarthy homered to right (392 feet).73
7thThomas homered to right center (396 feet).83
9thHayes homered to center (416 feet), Marcano scored and Heineman scored.86