38-19, 19-11 away
33-22, 13-11 home

Scoring Summary

1stDavis walked, Marte scored, Canha to second, Alonso to third.10
1stEscobar singled to right center, Alonso scored and Canha scored, Davis to third.30
3rdProfar singled to left, Alfaro scored, Profar out stretching at first.31
4thNimmo reached on infield single to second, Escobar scored.41
5thDavis sacrificed into double play, center to first to third, Alonso scored, Canha thrown out at third.51
7thMazara doubled to deep right, Kim scored.52
8thEscobar homered to right (405 feet), Davis scored.72
8thVoit homered to center (408 feet), Profar scored and Cronenworth scored.75
9thEscobar tripled to deep right, Alonso scored and Canha scored.95
9thMcNeil doubled to left, Escobar scored.105
9thNido singled to right, McNeil scored.115