Scoring Summary

2ndPollock singled to center, García scored, Mendick to second.01
2ndRobert singled to center, Mendick scored, Pollock to second.02
4thAbreu doubled to deep center, Robert scored.03
4thBurger homered to center (429 feet), Abreu scored.05
5thSeager hit sacrifice fly to center, B. Miller scored, Semien to second, White to third.15
5thGarcía homered to left (407 feet), White scored and Semien scored.45
5thMendick grounded into fielder's choice to left, McGuire scored on error, García to second, García safe at third on fielding error by shortstop Seager.46
5thVaughn grounded out to third, García scored, Mendick to second.47
6thB. Miller singled to shallow left center, Duran scored.57
7thCalhoun doubled to right center, García scored on error, Calhoun safe at third on throwing error by right fielder Vaughn.67
7thHeim hit sacrifice fly to right, Calhoun scored.77
10thLowe doubled to left, Culberson scored.87
10thLowe scored, Duran to second on passed ball by McGuire.97
10thSemien singled to deep left, B. Miller scored and Duran scored, Reks to second.117
10thMendick singled to right, García scored.118
10thVaughn hit sacrifice fly to center, Mendick scored.119