Scoring Summary


1stVaughn doubled to center, Anderson scored.01
2ndTapia homered to left (368 feet), Hernández scored.21
2ndHarrison homered to center (412 feet), Burger scored.23
3rdRobert homered to left (436 feet), Vaughn scored.25
4thVaughn homered to center (409 feet).26
5thMcGuire grounded out to first, Abreu scored, Pollock to second.27
5thEngel singled to right, Pollock scored.28
6thHernández doubled to deep left, Guerrero Jr. and Bichette scored, Hernández safe at third on fielding error by catcher McGuire.48
6thEspinal grounded out to shortstop, Hernández scored.58
9thBiggio homered to right (392 feet), Moreno scored.78
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