Scoring Summary

2ndRivas hit by pitch, Villar scored, Heyward to second, Hoerner to third.10
2ndOrtega doubled to right center, Hoerner scored and Heyward scored, Rivas to third.30
2ndWisdom singled to center, Rivas scored and Ortega scored.50
2ndHapp homered to center (413 feet), Wisdom scored.70
2ndCastillo homered to left (391 feet).71
4thWisdom homered to center (407 feet), Ortega scored.91
5thHoerner hit sacrifice fly to right, Villar scored.101
9thRivas homered to right (383 feet), Velazquez scored, Simmons scored and Heyward scored.141
9thCruz grounded into fielder's choice to third, Castillo scored, Park to second, Chang safe at third on fielding error by third baseman Higgins.142
9thMadris doubled to deep center, Chang scored, Cruz scored and Park scored.145