Scoring Summary

1stReynolds homered to center (405 feet).01
3rdContreras grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Hoerner scored, Higgins out at second, Velazquez to third.11
3rdHapp singled to center, Velazquez scored, Contreras to second.21
3rdHayes homered to left center (411 feet), Madris scored.23
5thHayes scored on error, Reynolds safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Wisdom, Reynolds to third.24
6thCruz doubled to deep center, Chang scored.25
6thHeineman singled to center, Cruz scored, Heineman to second, Heineman safe at third on throwing error by center fielder Morel.26
8thWisdom singled to right, Morel scored, Happ to second.36
8thHoerner singled to center, Happ scored and Wisdom scored, Villar to third.56
8thRivas singled to right center, Hoerner scored and Villar scored, Ortega to third.76
8thChavis homered to center (410 feet).77
10thChavis singled to shallow right, Hayes scored, Reynolds to second.78