40-40, 20-23 away
34-47, 23-24 home

Scoring Summary

2ndReyes homered to right (381 feet).10
2ndClemens singled to right, Schoop scored.11
2ndBarnhart singled to center, Clemens scored, Barnhart to second.12
5thKwan doubled to left, Clement scored.22
5thBáez singled to right, Torkelson scored, Barnhart to second.23
5thCabrera singled to right, Barnhart scored on error and Báez scored on error, Cabrera safe at second on throwing error by right fielder Kwan.25
7thGrossman tripled to deep right, Báez scored.26
7thCabrera hit sacrifice fly to center, Grossman scored.27
8thClemens homered to right (377 feet).28