Scoring Summary

2ndCalhoun homered to right center (386 feet), Lowe scored and Heim scored.03
4thMiranda homered to center (428 feet), Correa scored and Polanco scored.33
4thSánchez homered to right (376 feet), Urshela scored.53
4thBuxton doubled to deep right, Gordon scored.63
4thSemien homered to left (412 feet), Taveras scored and Culberson scored.66
4thSeager homered to right center (406 feet).67
8thCelestino grounded out to second, Arraez scored, Sánchez to second, Kepler to third.77
8thSemien tripled to deep left, Taveras scored.78
8thGarver singled to center, Semien scored, Seager to second.79