Scoring Summary


1stJ. Lowe singled to center, Choi scored and Díaz scored, Aranda to second.02
2ndVerdugo reached on infield single to first, Bogaerts scored.12
2ndDíaz doubled to left, L. Raley scored.13
2ndChoi singled to left center, Díaz scored.14
2ndAranda singled to right, Choi scored, Arozarena to third.15
3rdMartinez doubled to deep center, Duran scored and Vázquez scored.35
4thDuran singled to left, Refsnyder scored, Duran thrown out at second.45
5thBogaerts singled to right, Martinez scored.55
6thDíaz doubled to deep left, Walls scored.56
6thRamírez singled to right, Díaz scored.57
8thDíaz hit sacrifice fly to right, Walls scored, Phillips to second.58
8thRamírez singled to center, Phillips scored.59
8thChang singled to left, Ramírez scored, Arozarena to second.510
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