29-59, 18-28 away
40-44, 20-21 home

Scoring Summary

2ndHeim scored on a balk, Taveras to third on a balk.01
2ndTaveras scored on Martinez wild pitch.02
4thBrown singled to left, Laureano scored, Murphy to second.12
4thCalhoun singled to right, Lowe scored, Heim to second.13
4thTaveras singled to right, Heim scored, Calhoun to third.14
4thSmith hit sacrifice fly to shortstop, Calhoun scored, Taveras to second.15
5thNeuse homered to left (418 feet).25
5thSeager homered to center (420 feet).26
6thSmith homered to center (271 feet), Taveras scored.28
7thTaveras doubled to deep right, Viloria scored and Lowe scored.210
8thLaureano homered to right (362 feet), Machín scored.410
8thPinder homered to left (379 feet), Murphy scored and Andrus scored.710
8thNeuse grounded out to third, Bolt scored.810