Scoring Summary

1stVotto grounded out to shortstop, India scored.10
2ndK. Farmer homered to left (431 feet).20
2ndMoustakas homered to right (390 feet).30
2ndFairchild homered to left (364 feet).40
3rdRizzo grounded into fielder's choice to second, Gallo scored, LeMahieu safe at second on fielding error by second baseman India.41
3rdTorres singled to left, LeMahieu scored, Rizzo to second.42
3rdKiner-Falefa doubled to deep center, Donaldson scored, Rizzo scored and Torres scored.45
5thVotto hit a ground rule double to deep left, India scored, Drury to third.55
5thStephenson hit sacrifice fly to center, Drury scored, Votto to third.65
8thStanton homered to right (345 feet).66
10thLeMahieu scored on Diaz wild pitch, Rizzo to third on wild pitch by Diaz.67