Scoring Summary


1stAdames hit sacrifice fly to right, Yelich scored.01
1stUrías doubled to third, McCutchen scored and Wong scored, Renfroe to third.03
2ndGrichuk singled to shallow left, Rodgers scored, Iglesias to second.13
3rdBlackmon singled to center, Bryant scored.23
3rdRenfroe homered to left (418 feet), Wong scored.25
5thBryant homered to right (357 feet), Joe scored.45
6thDíaz singled to right, Iglesias scored, Grichuk to third.55
6thJoe grounded out to second, Grichuk scored, Hampson to second, Díaz to third.65
6thTaylor homered to right center (399 feet).66
7thDíaz singled to right, Cron scored and Rodgers scored, Grichuk to third.86
7thBrosseau doubled to center, McCutchen scored.87
8thTellez singled to right, Yelich scored, Adames to third.88
8thMcCutchen doubled to deep center, Adames scored and Tellez scored.810
9thDaza singled to right, Hampson scored.910