Scoring Summary


3rdCruz homered to right (411 feet).01
5thDe La Cruz homered to left (387 feet).11
6thAguilar singled to left center, Stallings scored and Wendle scored.31
6thGamel hit sacrifice fly to center, VanMeter scored, Hayes to third.32
9thDe La Cruz singled to left, Bleday scored.42
9thTsutsugo singled to right center, Mitchell scored and Allen scored, Tsutsugo to second.44
10thFortes singled to right, Williams scored on error, Fortes safe at second on fielding error by right fielder Mitchell.54
10thRojas singled to left, Fortes scored.64
10thMitchell singled to deep right, Newman scored, Gamel to third.65
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