43-51, 22-25 away
35-63, 14-33 home

Scoring Summary

1stHeim doubled to deep left, Seager scored.10
1stGarcía homered to left (418 feet), Heim scored.30
3rdTaveras singled to right center, García scored.40
5thSeager homered to center (407 feet).50
5thCalhoun singled to right center, García scored and Heim scored, Taveras to second.70
5thDuran singled to right, Taveras scored, Calhoun to third.80
5thSmith singled to center, Calhoun scored, Duran to third.90
5thSemien hit sacrifice fly to left, Duran scored.100
5thAllen grounded out to shortstop, Garcia scored, Neuse to third.101
6thGarcía singled to center, Heim scored.111
8thPinder doubled to right, Bolt scored and Murphy scored.113
8thPiscotty homered to left (415 feet), Pinder scored.115
9thMurphy homered to left (405 feet).116
9thPinder homered to left (384 feet).117
9thKemp homered to right (362 feet).118