Scoring Summary


1stMiller singled to center, Ramírez scored, Naylor to third.10
2ndHedges homered to left (387 feet).20
3rdJones homered to right (408 feet), Naylor scored and Giménez scored.50
3rdBogaerts singled to left, J. Davis scored, Verdugo to second.51
3rdVázquez singled to left, Verdugo scored, Martinez to second, Bogaerts to third.52
4thNaylor grounded into fielder's choice to second, Rosario scored on error and Straw scored, Ramírez safe at second on throwing error by second baseman Sánchez.72
8thRosario singled to right, Kwan scored, Rosario to second.82
8thPlawecki doubled to left center, Bogaerts scored.83