47-52, 25-29 away
38-60, 22-31 home

Scoring Summary

1stPham doubled to right center, Drury scored.01
3rdAguilar homered to center (419 feet), Wendle scored.21
4thRojas singled to right, Díaz scored.31
4thNaquin grounded out to second, Reynolds scored, Senzel to third.32
4thKolozsvary doubled to right center, Senzel scored.33
5thSolano singled to left, Pham scored, Votto to second.34
6thNaquin homered to right center (417 feet).35
7thAguilar doubled to deep right, Stallings scored.45
9thSánchez homered to right (361 feet).55
9thWendle doubled to right center, Williams scored, Stallings to third.65
9thAguilar hit sacrifice fly to center, Fortes scored.75
9thPham singled to left, India scored, Drury to second.76