54-47, 27-24 away
66-35, 32-14 home

Scoring Summary

2ndDíaz homered to left (401 feet).01
3rdAlvarez singled to left, Altuve scored, Gurriel to second.02
3rdBregman doubled to deep center, Alvarez scored and Gurriel scored.04
4thBregman singled to left center, Gurriel scored, Alvarez to second.05
6thAlvarez homered to right (384 feet).06
6thPeña hit sacrifice fly to right, Bregman scored, Tucker to third.07
6thDubón homered to left (371 feet), Tucker scored.09
7thMeyers grounded out to shortstop, Matijevic scored.010
8thRodríguez doubled to deep left, Winker scored.110
8thDíaz homered to left center (395 feet).111